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Hits Speciallità Samba

This is my first Hits polish, so naturally I picked one with flakies! Samba is a green jelly base with tons of colour-shifting flakies, from green to blue (though as is so often the case, it’s more apparent in the bottle than on the nail). The flakies clumped a little bit and I had to move them around with the brush on a few nails to ensure good coverage. Dry time was on the slow side and there’s a little bit of a chemical smell to the polish, but it’s so pretty that it’s worth it.

With hindsight, I should have layered this nail varnish. Not just because the jelly base is still a little on the sheer side after three coats, but also because Hits bottles are only 6ml, and three coats on ten nails left quite a sizeable dent in the contents of the bottle.

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BB Couture Black Widow

This is my first BB Couture nail varnish and I really like it. I bought it initially because Marvel didn’t capitalise nearly enough on Black Widow in their Avengers merchandise, and I can pretend this is for Natasha. However, it’s just really great on its own! The base is a deep, deep red-purple, and while it isn’t quite a jelly, I still needed to use three coats so there wouldn’t be any visible nail line. It’s also packed with silver, red, and (I think) pink glitter to add some wonderful depth. One coat of top coat does the job to take away any bumpiness from the glitter.

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No7 Winter Tale
Emily de Molly A Black and White Love Affair

Hooray for grey! Winter Tale is a lovely blue-toned grey cream with perfect application in only two coats. There isn’t much I can say about it, to be honest. It wore very well, better than I usually get from No7 polishes, though I don’t know if it was reformulated when they changed the bottles recently. I topped it off with a coat of A Black and White Love Affair from Australian indie brand Emily de Molly (available via Llarowe if you’re outside Australia - I got my order in on etsy before she stopped international shipping). It has a clear base with black and white hex glitter in various sizes, black and white bar glitter, and black and white square glitter. I had to rearrange some of the glitter with the brush to get a nice even distribution, but if you don’t mind it being a little more scattered and uneven, you could just leave it as it comes.

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17 Copper

I felt a little bit misled by Copper to begin with, but luckily, things worked out. In the bottle, I was convinced this was going to be a duochrome. There was definitely a green tinge to it, but now I think my bottle just needed a little bit more mixing, because there’s no duochrome apparent at all on my nails (the green you can see in some photos is the reflection of the grass in our back garden). It also appears more pinkish in person than it does in the photos, which only pick up the copper tones of the polish. The formula was thinner than Potion and Navy Glint, so it was far easier to apply and work with on the nail. I only needed two coats. In the end, despite my disappointment that it wasn’t a duochrome, I discovered that I’m really quite a fan of this polish.

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17 Navy Glint

Navy Glint isn’t quite a navy but it comes close. The base is closer to a mid-blue, but the more coats you use the darker it gets. Like Potion, the formula is a little thick and dries quickly enough that taking your time may result in bald spots. Unlike Potion, the base is dark enough that a second coat covered them all completely. It’s packed with blue and silver shimmer which look amazing even in the shade, and completely come to life in the sun. This is probably my favourite of Boots’ new colours for autumn and winter. It didn’t stain the nail at all, either, which is always a bonus for a blue polish.

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17 Potion

I don’t have it on hand to compare them directly, but I’m confident that Potion is a dupe of Chanel Peridot, or close enough to it to make little difference. If you’re in the UK and you’ve somehow missed out on that trend, it might be time for a visit for Boots. It’s a green and gold metallic duochrome and I was pretty impressed with the lack of visible brushstrokes. The formula is a little on the thick side and can bubble if you’re not careful when applying it or don’t wait long enough between coats. Because this is a quick-dry varnish, you have to be quick when applying it or you might get some pulling at the cuticle. I did and ended up having to use three coats to make sure the bald spots were all completely covered.

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OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby?

Most of the notes I took on this varnish are just gushing about how beautiful it is, and really, it is. I’m a total sucker for a good metallic orange and Deutsch might just be the best one around. The pigmentation is so rich, with such depth that it seems as if it’s lit from within. I had minimal issues with brushstrokes despite the metallic finish, and the polish flowed off the brush so easily that it almost applied itself. Depending on how thickly you apply coats, you’ll need either two or three. I used three and I absolutely love it. The shade is just so autumnal and gorgeous; it’s perfect for the season and I highly recommend picking up a bottle.

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I just found your blog, and I already love it :) xxx
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Thank you! That’s so kind of you to say. :D xx

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China Glaze Immortal

This is my favourite of the three colours, mainly because I love grey nail varnishes above almost all others (as if you didn’t know that already). I wish it had been sunny when I swatched it, because these photos really don’t do the shimmer in this amazing polish justice. The shimmer is primarily blue and pink, but I can also see green and purple in there under some lights. The base is a mid-grey that leans slightly green. I’ve seen some people describe it as a jelly, but I don’t agree there; it doesn’t have that squishy look jellies do.

I did find the formula a little difficult to work with. It’s one of those where a huge blob of varnish will hide on the brush and then drip onto your nail when you least expect it, so be wary of that when you’re applying it. It’s also sheerer than Cast A Spell and Bizarre Blurple, needing three coats for me to be happy with the opacity.

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China Glaze Bizarre Blurple

I think Bizarre Blurple has the best formula of the three polishes I’ve tried from this collection. It’s thin but not too runny, and very easy to control. It goes exactly where you want it to on the nail and needs only two coats to be fully opaque. It is, as the name suggests, a blend of blue and purple, and it also contains a nice amount of shimmer. I found it looks a little bit more purple in real life than it does here in the photos, but really which colour you see it depends wholly on the light you’re viewing it by. It’s a little bit brushstrokey, but not as bad as you see from some metallics and only visible up close.

I suspect this colour is going to be a dupe of OPI’s Tomorrow Never Dies from the Bond collection, judging by how they both look in the bottle. Once I’ve swatched Tomorrow, I’ll report back.